We know transit… because Transit is all we do!

TSI Video provides the latest onboard video surveillance technologies available for the public transit industry. We know transit because… transit is all we do.


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With a sole focus of providing high-quality onboard video surveillance technologies for public transit, our customers/partners can rest assured that each component of our solution has been specifically designed to meet the harsh demands within the public transit environment. 

In addition to our solution being designed specifically for the transit industry, TSI Video is the only vendor that wholly owns not only the hardware but also the software that makes up our solution. TSI designed, developed, and manufactures the Nexus suite of onboard recorders in western Pennsylvania just a short drive from our company headquarters. Since we control these products TSI has been able to develop many features that are specific and highly beneficial to our public transit partners.  TSI’s video solution is designed around an “Open Architecture” platform which allows the TSI suite of products to easily integrate with many transit hardware/software infrastructures – on both the onboard and the backend side of the equation.

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Our Technology

Transit, transit, transit. That is all we think about! With public transit being TSI’s only market, it has been our goal to provide reliable, flexible, and easy-to-use products that enable our customers to provide safe and dependable transportation to the customers they serve. As the only vendor who truly designs, manufactures, and assembles the products they provide ensures that we meet our goals.

Designed on an “open architecture” platform has enabled TSI to integrate our Nexus suite of recorders with many 3rd part products and virtually any camera in the industry today.

Our Values

TSI was founded on the principle of striving to always do the right thing for our customers. With that philosophy at the forefront of everything we do, it has been our goal to treat all our customers like business partners, working with them to build a comprehensive, reliable Video Surveillance System that best meets their individual needs. Whether you are operating a fleet of 1800 vehicles or a fleet of 5 vehicles, your trust and satisfaction with TSI is our goal.


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