User-friendly and feature-rich, the SI NexView provides users with all the tools they need in a single software platform.

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TSI NexView provides…

  • Automatic wireless upload (from the vehicle to the fixed end) of video, audio, and discrete event data associated with a tagged event.
  • Automatic wireless upload of all system health check data such as hard drive errors, cameras outages, temperature issues, etc.
  • Ability to schedule a request for data upload based on bus identification and a date/time range.
  • Live wireless viewing while the bus is within wireless range. WIFI or Cellular


The TSI NexView software is a sophisticated client/server software suite that runs on any standard MS Windows 7 or later workstation or laptop, and any MS Windows Server 2008 or later server.  Customers use TSI’s NexView software for reviewing video, audio, and related data; configuring Nexus – NVR systems; as well as performing all fleet management, video query and diagnostic functions.

NexView manages user rights either using an internal user permission structure maintained in the database, or associates with Active Directory and can assign roles based on the user’s groups. Within the software, specific users (or associated group if active directory is used) are granted permissions based on that user’s (or group’s) assignment by the system administrator.

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